Project planning

Project planning

Today the level of furniture industry automatization in Russia is very low. Companies can`t solve problems of low productivity, poor quality of products, influence of human factor and lack of enterprises flexibility by themselves.
LIGA company has opened the division of project planning. We offer services of complex production automatization and selection of necessary machines! We develop projects from scratch, and automatize already operating productions.

If you automatize furniture production you will be able:

  • to increase productivity of the enterprise from 15 to 30%
  • to reduce the term of orders implementation
  • to reduce the probability of manufacturing defect
  • to use less production areas
  • to reach the new level of production culture.
We offer not only project planning of all production, but also automatization of its certain sites!

Site of sizing

On this site producers of furniture often face the following problems:

  • chaotic warehousing of details
  • additional labor on material loading
  • wrong organization of the buffer zone.

Making project planning of this site, we offer the following solutions:

  • automatization of loading and unloading process
  • right organization of the buffer zone.

Site of edge-banding

There are two main difficulties:

  • low productivity of machines
  • impossibility of the operator to provide full load of the machine at high productivity

We offer to our customers the following solutions:

  • selection of edge-banding machines with an optimal productivity
  • right organization of the operator`s working space
  • right organization of the buffer zone.

Site of drilling

This site is often the most problematic. It happens so for the following reasons:

  • wrong choice of drilling machines
  • inefficient placement of machines on production area
  • low productivity of the site

To solve these problems, you should take certain measures:

  • selection of machines according to productivity of the previous sites
  • automatization
  • right project planning of drilling site.

Site of packing

The site of packing requires special attention: correctly organized buffer zone and right logistics.
In spite of the fact that our company offers automatization of certain sites, we recommend to approach project planning in complex in order to achieve maximal efficiency of production.
We would like to note that services of project planning are available to all our clients. Our specialists will give you professional advice on production automatization and offer an individual complex of solutions.

Here are some examples of our projects:

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